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Tuesdays & Fridays
**Holidays will be following day
**Holidays will be following day

Weekly Trash Collection Guidelines:

  • All trash should be bagged no heavier than 40 pounds.

  • Bags should be placed curbside the evening before scheduled pick-up time.

  • In most circumstances there should never be more than 10 bags placed curbside each week. Special house projects may warrant the rental of a dumpster at the residents expense.

  • Disposal of any debris generated by a Contractor is the sole responsibility of the contractor.

  • Windows and doors must have glass removed before putting curbside. The glass is to be placed in a cardboard box and marked "Broken Glass" and placed curbside.

  • Carpet is to be cut into 4 foot lengths, rolled and tied, again no heavier than 40 pounds.

  • All empty trash containers must be removed from curbside within 12 hours of trash removal.

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Burlington County Regional Recycling Program:

The Program operates out of the Robert C. Shinn, Jr. Recycling Center in Westampton. Recycling vehicles are dispatched from the Center and collect from single family homes, multifamily complexes, public schools and municipal drop-off sites. The recyclables collected are brought back to the Center, processed and shipped to a variety of markets by the OTC. Last year, the Program recycled more than 45,000 tons and collectively saved municipalities $3.3 million in avoided landfill disposal fees.


Recycling FAQ:

Who should recycle?

Why should I recycle?

Why can't I recycle frozen food containers?

I want to recycle, but do I have to spend time removing all those staples?

I've heard I can no longer put my shredded paper curbside to be recycled. What can I do with it?

Does it help to flatten my aluminum cans?

Should I separate all my magazines, newspaper, junk mail, and cereal boxes into separate paper bags for recycling?

Can I recycle wrapping paper from holidays and special occasions?

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