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New Hanover Township Police Department K9 Unit

The New Hanover Township Police Department K9 Unit concept began at the end of 2013. With the support of the Mayor and Township Committee, our 1st K9 team was established in 2014.

HANOVER PD K9_edited.jpg


The K9 teams were created to assist police personnel to track suspects, search for articles or evidence of a crime, conduct building searches, assist in the arrest or apprehension of felons, search for lost persons, and detect the presence of narcotics.


K9 Duco was purchased with funds that were seized from a Drug Dealer that was arrested by the New Hanover Township Police Department. Duco was purchased from Logan Hass Kennels in West Virgina in July 2020. He was partnered with Ptl. Zachary York and they began their training.

They started their Patrol and Narcotics training with ACDT in Medford Twp. The team furthers their training with the John Sonny Burke Training Academy in Atlantic County.

K9 Duco has been a huge asset to the New Hanover Township Police Department, our local businesses and our Community.

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If you would like to help support K9 Duco please consider visiting his Amazon wish list or donating via VENMO down below.

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